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Welcome to Manotick Arts Camp

NEW - Music for Wee Ones - 2018

Aged 3-7

Classes for typically developing children and children with autism spectrum disorder.

Music for Wee Ones

Do you have children who like music! The Manotick Arts Camp will be offering music & movement classes for  typically developing children as well as children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) aged 3-7. Through games of movement, music and song, children will learn to play in ensemble with one another using percussive instruments, bells and xylophones.

“What we are seeing, through research, is that music education is very good for child development. In typical development, music lessons, over time, can improve: language acquisition by training the auditory system; self-control: by providing group guidelines to playing music together; motor movement: by providing activities requiring a timed response; social engagement: by providing a structure for social interaction and engagement.

Many children with ASD have enhanced memory for music. In my experience, I have found that most children with ASD’s really enjoy musical activities and are able to improve their musical skills at the same rate or better than typically developing children, once they become accustomed to the structure of the class. Over time, I believe that research will show more of the same kind of cognitive benefits for children with ASD’s and other developmental disabilities.”

Dr. Sandy Stanutz

Sandy Stanutz recently completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Educational Counselling and Psychology Department, McGill University, where she implemented a music program over a 16-month period at a center-based early intensive childhood intervention program in Montreal for preschool children with ASD. Sandy has been developing and teaching a music and movement based course curriculum to preschool children for 15 years.

Parents will attend class with their ASD child, while parents of typically developing children will choose to attend the class with their child, depending on the child’s needs.

Mondays 6:00-6:40 - Typically developing children Aged 3-7

Mondays 6:40-7:20 - Children with ASD, Manotick United Church Aged 3-7

 New! Daily Summer Classes 2018

We accept typically and atypically developing children.

Manotick United Church

Cost: 95.00 + HST ( 5 classes )

July 16 - 20

9:30am - 10:10am

4:30pm - 5:10pm

July 30 - August 3

9:30am - 10:10am

4:30pm - 5:10pm




Summer Performance Arts Programs

Founded in 2000, the Manotick Arts Camp has provided summer performance arts programs to youth in Manotick and the surrounding aresa. Kids ages 6-17 have benefited from our programs designed to encourage creativity and instill confidence. We explore many branches of the arts including Drama, Dance, Instrumental and Vocal Music, and Visual Art, and our programs are taught by professional artists with years of pedagogical experience. The Manotick Arts Camp offers something for all. Whether you are exploring the arts for the first time, or simply looking to improve your skills, our team of teachers and counselors are dedicated to making our programs a great experience for you.

The goal of the summer program is to showcase the creativity of our students in a performance that is held at the end of the day camp. As well as learning new skills and techniques in all areas of the arts, MAC students will enjoy the mentorship of counselors and teachers who foster leadership and team building skills. Most of our students return every summer and it is always a great honor to see them again and catch up on what they have been doing over the past year. Many students of the Manotick Arts Camp are accepted into Arts programs at Canterbury and De La Salle High School. In addition, some of our former students are now pursuing various arts-related studies at university and return to spend their summers teaching at the camp. The Manotick Arts Camp is located in the beautiful historical setting of the village of Manotick close to Dickinson Square. Each day we actually walk past Watson's Mill on our way to Chris Bracken Field. We welcome all students ages 6-17. Whether you are a closet, budding or seasoned young artist, we encourage you to try out our latest programs. You will not regret it!

Youth Summer Arts Camp

2 Week Programs - 2018

Kids Summer Arts Camp

1 Week Programs- 2018

Instrumental/Vocal Music • Drama • Dance • Visual Art

Two 2-week sessions available. Ages 10 & up.

Per Session / One Child : $525 + HST. Each additional child per family add $475 + HST. To enrol in a second session, please add $475 per child per family. Program runs from 9 am to 4 pm daily. To view our schedule, click the tab on the navigation bar. Before and after program care is available upon request.

The goal of the 2-week day camp program is to prepare and present a creative drama work incorporating all performing arts areas of Drama, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Dance, and Visual Art. Students will enjoy activities in all areas of the Arts but will choose to concentrate on one arts area.

Workshops in Theatre, Music & Visual Arts.

Three 1-week sessions available. Ages 6-10.

Per Session / One Child: Full day option - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm daily; $275.00 plus HST. Half day option - 9:00 am -12:00 pm daily; $150.00 plus HST. Before and after program care is available upon request.

The goal of the 1-week day camp program is to provide educational workshops in Drama, Movement, Music, Visual Art, and Vocal techniques with the aim of introducing children to the Arts. (Please note: Session 4 is a shorter week due to the August holiday so pricing is $225 + HST for Full Day, and $125+ HST for Half Day).

Session 1 - Youth

(ages 10 & up)

July 3-13

Showdate July 13 @ 7pm

Session 2 - Youth

(ages 10 & up)

July 16-27

Showdate July 27 @ 7pm

Session 3 - Kids

(ages 6 - 10)

July 30 - August 3

Showdate Aug 3 @ 3pm

Session 4 - Kids

(ages 6 - 10)

August 7 - 10

Showdate Aug 10 @ 3pm

Session 5 - Kids

(ages 6 - 10)

August 13 - 17

Showdate Aug 17 @ 3pm


Performance Troupe - Summer 2018

The advanced class for the Manotick Arts Camp

Performance Troupe

Drama, Instrumental and Vocal music, Movement, Visual Art

One 2-week session

Per Session / One Student:

$700 + HST. Each additional child per family add $650 + HST. Program runs from 9 am to 4 pm daily. Before and after program care no additional cost.

ages (15-17)

July 16 – 27

Show date is Saturday, July 28, 7:00 pm

This program is for students who are looking for a creative challenge! Bring your performing arts skills and we’ll weave them into the fabric of the work that will be created by you! We will accept 13 students into the program. Over two weeks, mentored by artists, the Manotick Arts Camp Performance Troupe will be guided through a number of creationist techniques in Drama, Music and Movement to mount an integrated arts theatrical work to be performed at the end of the two weeks. The emphasis will be to polish existing skills and to exercise creativity while improving self confidence. The work created during these two weeks will become the core material for the Ottawa Fringe Festival the following year.


Weekly Drama Classes for Teens 

Manotick Arts Camp Year Long Drama Class

We invite you to exercise your creativity to create a work of drama, music and movement in our page to stage program!

Students will collectively create a script that will be performed at the end of the program. The emphasis will be on exploring a variety of creation techniques, working on drama and performance skills, establishing proper techniques for singing and developing core musicianship skills. The goal is to mount a show that is, at its heart, drawn from the ideas of the youth performing it.

This is a great way to spend your Thursday night and so great for personal development! Performance arts skills teach us the finer points of communicating with others and the intention behind the words we speak. 

This is a fantastic way to develop and excercise your creativity with a wonderful group of mentors and students!


"Creativity is putting your imagination to work and its produced the most extrodinary results in human culture."  

Ken Robinson



$700 + HST. Each additional child per family add $650 + HST. 


Manotick Public School, Bridge Street

Classes:  One class per week, Thursday 6:00 - 8:00 pm, March 24  – June 23  

4 Rehearsal Dates: TBD



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